C E E R ! U S (ceerius) wrote in brandnewdisastr,
C E E R ! U S

in a band?

we just bought three plastic bins to hold our shirts and transport them safely and nicely to shows and other functions.

but they're missing something.....

we want to outfit them in stickers. from your band.

we'd like a sticker from your band so we can put it on one of our bins. and send any other promo material along with it (anything you want handed out for free). we put all promo material in a box, mark it FREE, and allow people to take things at shows we attend/book.
(burnt copies of your cd are a good idea to be heard. just make sure you have an e-mail or web address written on the cd itself so people can get a hold of you after picking them up.)

if you're sending a sticker, and we don't have a press kit from you, feel free to send a kit for us to check out as well.

CEER!US Records
PO Box 4074
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-4074

we want to see your sticker on our shirt bins. help us decorate!
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