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hey guys,

i know i've been neglectful.. i apologize.

basically, we're in the writing process right now.. trying to get 8 songs finished before july when we head into the studio.

we are recording with andreas magnussen of the band scarlet. he's done some really amazing work and we're excited to work with him. we'll be in the studio for almost all of july.

we'll be out on the road again in august if everything goes according to plan.. and possibly tour the west coast.

friday, we're driving up to Fredonia, NY to play BJ Fest and then it's off to Akron, OH.. we'd love to see you at the shows. these will probably be our last out-of-state shows for a little while as we need to buckle down and finish these last few songs.

we're really really excited about the new material. we hope when you hear it, you are too.

check in and let us know you're still reading this damn thing. we love you.

phil & BND
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